Logistics performance improvement

Logistics performance improvement is focusses on optimizing processes and/or systems. Read how an average performance improvement of 25% can be achieved

Logistics performance improvement, the dashboard

On the dashboard of most logistics managers are KPI’s concerning inbound orderliness, outbound, complaints, projects, costs, illness and safety.

Engagement, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are perhaps the most missing aspects on this dashboard.

It’s like an iceberg: the top is visible, but the other part is determining where the iceberg is going.

 In the Value Profit Chain (Harvard) a lot of evidence can be found to use the “invisible” part of the iceberg in your organization.

Logistics performance improvement, an example

Organization: 300 FTE, 15 managers.

Employee satisfaction: 7,1 (scale 1-10) logistics performance improvement step by step

Illness: 5,6%

Customer satisfaction: 6,9 (scale 1-10)

Safety incidents: less than 3 per year.

Estimated savings: 1,6 M Euro per year !

Here you can make your own logistics performance improvement calculation