Tips to improve the performance of your manager

How you rate your manager depends on the qualities of your manager. But it also has to do with your expectations of him (or her).


Your manager should make sure that your team, department or company defines the right goals (vision, ambition) and ensures that these are met. The first question therefore is, are these goals sufficiently known and clear to you and your manager? In other words, do you know what is expected of you?


The next question is whether your manager encourages you and motivates you to perform the best way you can. Does he provide feedback on a timely basis? Does he focus on what you should do better or does he give you compliments?

Trust, freedom

For optimum performance you need a clear framework, but within that framework there must be sufficient freedom. Too much control is not good.

Does s/he have enough confidence in you and in himself/herself? Does s/he involve you? Do you feel ownership? Is s/he consistent, or does s/he sometimes waver. Does he know your ambitions, and to what extent does s/he supports that? Does s/he celebrate success with you?


The daily work needs to be done. And you have to think how things could be better. Call it improvement or innovation.
How much room is there for improvement? Does s/he involve you? Or is s/he doing all the thinking and only tells you what to do?

Help your manager to improve his performance

  1. A manager likes it when you also think about improvement. Maybe you’ve already done that and heard nothing in return, but do it anyway because it reinforces your business further.
  2. Surprise her/him by delivering your work earlier than s/he expected, go the extra mile. Be proactive.
  3. Prepare for work meetings, ask questions, get active and do not be suspicious.
  4. Try to look beyond your actual job or work. Initiate contact with other departments.
  5. Discuss together what could be improved. Keep in mind what the customer wants from your business.

Yes, these tips may require some courage and guts on your side. Try it with tact and see what works.
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Your manager determines to a large extent your job satisfaction. And your joy will determine whether you are performing optimally because you get the best out of yourself. These three aspects are closely linked.

Perhaps the next clip about Motivation will inspire you.